Fractional laser rejuvenation: indications, contraindications, action and features

the essence of the procedure for fractional facial skin rejuvenation

The first signs of skin aging show up when you turn 25. Sadly, this border is usually not the earliest date, but the latest detection of age-related problems. Rough laser resurfacing for rejuvenation is now a procedure from yesterday, and for good reason, because women have the opportunity to do without the long “resuscitation” of the skin that is very reddened and, in essence, traumatized during the procedure.

The newest, minimally invasive and safe technology - fractional laser skin rejuvenation, restoring and accelerating the rhythm of cells (growth and metabolism, as well as the removal of harmful substances).

How does it work? When exposed to a focused laser beam, microdamage to the skin tissue occurs by a "column" or "cone" perpendicularly directed to the skin surface. The cells surrounding the microdamage pass into a state of heat shock, due to which they begin active division to restore the skin area in the place of microdamage. As a result, this leads to a tightening of the damaged area, which gives the skin smoothing, practically erasing wrinkles and a noticeable lifting effect.

Indications for fractional laser rejuvenation, advantages of this procedure

Laser rejuvenation procedures are a life-saving cure for a number of problems:

  • dull complexion;
  • indistinct facial contours, blurred oval, loose skin;
  • fine and deep wrinkles;
  • enlarged pores;
  • scars and scars, including those resulting from acne;
  • age spots and visible capillaries;
  • stretch marks.
how is fractional facial skin rejuvenation performed

Modern laser cosmetology is characterized by painlessness and comfort during the procedure. There are no traumatic effects, there are practically no risks (note the modest list of contraindications at the end of the article). The biggest advantage is fast recovery. In essence, the main rehabilitation period lasts 1-2 days. This time is determined by the diameter of the skin microdamage by the laser, the smaller it is, the faster the rehabilitation will pass (for example, fractional rejuvenation with a CO2RE laser has earned many rave reviews). You will not have any scars or unnatural shine of the skin, after the first procedure you will see the result immediately, and it will not be masked by either swelling or severe redness of the skin.

Features of modern laser facial rejuvenation procedures

First of all, they cleanse the skin in the areas of planned exposure to the laser from pollution and cosmetics. Next, an anesthetic cream is used (note that there are not too caring clinics that ignore this remedy), which almost completely eliminates unpleasant sensations during the procedure itself, and transcend directly to work with the laser. All you will feel is warmth and perhaps a subtle tingling sensation.

When choosing a doctor, focus primarily on the degree of adequacy, responsibility and participation. The specialist must clearly understand what you want and give you a detailed idea of ​​how achievable it is and what is required for this. Together you choose the optimal scheme of procedures, select the optimal mode and depth of exposure. Be sure to listen to all the advice on caring for yourself during rehabilitation, find out what other procedures (fillers, injections, a course of massage or masks) can be done for the best effect, and for which it is not the time.

the result of fractional facial skin rejuvenation

The time of the procedure, as well as the number of required procedures in one course, depends on the task / problem with which you apply to the aesthetic medicine center or clinic. On average, the treatment of the skin of the face and décolleté takes about an hour, the procedure can be single or require 1-2 repetitions with an interval of 2-6 months between them.

In the first days, slight redness is possible, during the first week, dead skin cells will peel off. One of the important recommendations of specialists during this period is the use of creams with a high protection factor against harmful ultraviolet radiation. According to various estimates, the effect of fractional laser rejuvenation can last up to 2 years.

Contraindications for laser rejuvenation procedures: pregnancy and lactation, exacerbation of neurodermatitis and psoriasis, inflammation in the laser treatment area, acute infectious diseases, neoplasms in the treatment area, impaired blood clotting and systemic connective tissue diseases, oncological diseases, epilepsy. Fractional laser rejuvenation is worth a little wait if you have a fresh tan / have been active in tanning beds in the last month, as this has significantly increased the sensitivity of your skin.