Hardware cosmetology technique for facial rejuvenation

hardware facial cosmetology

Every woman dreams of having a young and elastic body all her life. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in preserving youth in a natural way. But don't despair! Now medicine does not stand still, so artificial methods of facial rejuvenation have appeared, which are in demand among many women of age and even men.

What is hardware cosmetology?

Hardware cosmetology is a procedure that is performed using specialized equipment to inject cosmetic products under the skin. Currently, with the help of this technology, it is possible to enlarge breasts, smooth the skin, cleanse the face and much more without any problems and with special efforts.

Unfortunately, the face is the part of the body that begins to age the fastest. Older women have noticeable wrinkles and loss of skin firmness. To prevent this process, they used to use only the hands of a beautician and some products that had to be applied to the face almost daily, and this did not particularly give any improvement. Now completely new devices have appeared that are capable of performing various miracles.

To carry out such procedures, only modern and improved equipment is used, which experts equip with a huge number of functions, modes and attachments. This is done to achieve the best results.


All cosmetic procedures should be performed only for two reasons - for the prevention and treatment of the signs of aging. Here is a list of some indications for hardware cosmetology:

indications for hardware cosmetology
  • facial wrinkles;
  • loss of skin firmness or other signs of aging;
  • severe skin pigmentation;
  • fight overweight or cellulite;
  • acne;
  • removal of tattoos or permanent makeup.

This list is quite long, but it should be noted that such procedures are very effective and comfortable.
The safety of hardware cosmetology in general depends on the qualifications of a specialist, his skills and equipment maintenance.


Unfortunately, not every woman can use such procedures, because they have a number of contraindications.

Important to remember!

For pregnant women, hardware cosmetology is strictly prohibited, because it can develop various pathologies in the fetus.

What are the contraindications for such procedures? This list tells only about the most basic, and a specialist should familiarize you with others:

  • oncological diseases;
  • intolerance to a serum or gel intended to be injected under the skin;
  • tumors;
  • fungi and various inflammatory processes;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • hereditary predisposition to bleeding;

As you can see, contraindications to hardware cosmetology are very simple. Most importantly, the patient must be healthy. If you have any diseases, then you should first be cured, and only then think about cosmetic procedures.

Types of hardware cosmetology

Everyone can choose the appropriate type of cosmetic procedure, which is right for you and will help get rid of problem, unwanted areas.

In this age of high technology, there are many different and different procedures that help to achieve the desired appearance:

  1. Liposuction- excess weight removal using special devices. The so-called pumping out excess fat from problem areas. Liposuction is divided into two types: ultrasonic and laser. By the very names it is clear: in the first method, fat is pumped out using sound, and in the second - a laser. It is worth remembering that liposuction is contraindicated for obese people.
  2. Hardware massage- massage performed using apparatus. It includes a large number of species that are very different from each other and have different indications. Basically, there are three types of hardware massage: hydromassage (with water), vibration massage (using artificial vibrations) and pneumomassage (the main distinguishing feature is strong air currents).
  3. Cryotherapy- a procedure that helps to strengthen the health of the body as a whole, based on the use of a cryopool or cryosauna.
  4. Lifting- tightening the skin, smoothing wrinkles and toning the muscles. The effect of such a procedure can be obtained both with the help of cosmetic preparations and plastic surgery.
  5. Galvanotherapy- hardware cosmetology, which allows you to transform the skin with a weak current discharge with a low voltage.
  6. Laser cosmetology- a large group of procedures that include the use of specialized lasers to restore skin elasticity and prevent it from sagging in the cheek area.

In addition to all these procedures, hardware cosmetology helps to get rid of new growths on the skin (warts, moles, etc. ), as well as to remove scars after undergoing operations.

Hardware methods of rejuvenation

hardware rejuvenation techniques

Hardware cosmetology includes a wide variety of rejuvenation techniques. It is simply impossible to choose the most effective of them, because each technique is created for a specific area of ​​the body and skin type.

The most famous and popular methods of rejuvenation among clinic clients:

  1. SMASlifting Alter.Probably the most popular method based on ultrasound. Today, it is used in almost all beauty clinics and salons. This procedure is absolutely painless, even a little pleasant, and the results are very pleasing.
  2. Photorejuvenation.It acts on the epidermis (the deepest layer) of the skin with frequent and intense light flashes, similar to the process of photographing. The result exceeds all expectations: wrinkles are smoothed, acne disappears, skin pigmentation disappears.
  3. Thermage.In another way, it is also called radio lifting. This is a process of radiofrequency radiation that penetrates the skin and raises its temperature. Thanks to this, collagen is renewed, which is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
  4. Elos rejuvenation.This procedure uses both light pulses and weak current charges, which contribute to rejuvenation. Such cosmetology does not carry anything dangerous, it only brings some discomfort with a slight tingling sensation. The result will also not keep you waiting long.
  5. Injection facial rejuvenation.They are distinguished into certain subgroups among themselves, and the most basic injection is an injection of hyaluronic acid. This method of rejuvenation is suitable for those who are afraid of surgery, but want to tighten the skin and make it look beautiful.

How to correctly combine procedures for facial rejuvenation

how to combine procedures for rejuvenation

To achieve a good, noticeable and long-lasting result, you need to be able to correctly combine completely different techniques for facial rejuvenation. If you approach this matter with ignorance, then there is a chance to seriously harm your health.

For example, a Botox injection works well with a contouring procedure. Thanks to such a combination of these techniques, you can get rid of a large number of mimic wrinkles in a short time. You can also experiment with a combination of thermage, and it will not harm the body. Such a procedure will not only help to even out the skin layer, but will also contribute to a tighter adherence of the skin to the muscles, which will make the face more expressive.

Manual massage can be effectively combined with thermolifting, because when collagen is stimulated, the skin tightens, and acting on the muscles in this way, you can consolidate the result.

Advantages and disadvantages of hardware cosmetology

Hardware cosmetology has a lot more advantages than disadvantages, therefore it is thanks to them that it is very popular among clients.

Benefits of cosmetic procedures:

  • the main advantage is face shape correction and skin condition without surgical interventions, which many people are very afraid of;
  • the result appears in a short time and a small number of procedures;
  • the patient experiences minimal discomfort;
  • makes it possible to individually select the necessary technique based on the client's age, which is also important;
  • versatility and good compatibility with other cosmetic procedures;
  • painlessness.

Despite all the positive aspects of such cosmetic procedures, you should pay attention to the disadvantages, which, unfortunately, also exist. Sometimes you have to fix some problems with manual cleaning, and only then use the device itself.

It is worth noting that each procedure has its own specific advantages and disadvantages, which can be seen with examples:


thermolifting for face

Plus- stimulation of collagen production.

Minus- does not affect muscles.

Manual massage

This is, one might say, the reverse side of thermolifting.

Plus- the beautician can perfectly feel the skin, so he knows whether to increase or decrease the strength, on which zone to work longer. The muscles of the face are perfectly tightened, the skin becomes smoother and softer.

Minus- insufficient collagen production.

Manual cleaning

Plus- you can remove those skin imperfections that cannot be eliminated with the help of hardware cleaning.

Minus- after the procedure, the skin takes on a red tint, slightly painful appearance due to microcracks. Manual cleaning is a long and painful process that must be resorted to regularly to achieve an effect.

Hardware cleaning

Plus- safety and painlessness.

Minus- absolutely ineffective when working with problem skin.


Plus- direct impact on muscles using waves.

Minus- the beautician does not feel the impact on the client's skin, as with manual cleaning.

Non-injection mesotherapy

Plus- rejuvenation, skin stimulation, effective nutrition.

Minus- no effect on muscles.

Comparing all the pros and cons of hardware cosmetology, the conclusion suggests itself: in order to achieve the best result that will surely please you, you need to go through the procedures with a set, correctly combining them with each other.


results of devices for rejuvenation

For each client, an individual program of necessary procedures is developed that will suit his skin type, age and lifestyle. The number of sessions also depends on some conditions. Basically, there will be 2-3 doses for 20 minutes a week. After a whole course of apparatus therapy, the result will please you very much: scars and sagging skin will disappear, wrinkles will tighten, the face will acquire a clear ideal contour.

Thanks to these changes, your well-being will improve, you will look younger and more beautiful. It should be noted that immediately after the procedures, it will not be necessary to carry out recovery and rehabilitation periods. Hardware cosmetology will soon replace plastic surgery.

Hardware cosmetology at home

It also happens that women do not have enough time to often visit salons and clinics, but they really want to stay beautiful. There is an exit! It is now possible to carry out hardware cosmetology at home, because this process is quite quick and easy. Today on the market of cosmetic devices you can find a lot of all kinds, but different in their texture, devices for body and face care.

The most important thing is to choose a suitable and high-quality product, because only it will give you a guarantee of beauty. We must not forget that you need to use such devices regularly, otherwise you will not see any amazing results.

Many people are afraid of hardware cosmetology, and the very phrase seems awful and incomprehensible to them, but these procedures are actually completely different. They are practically painless and absolutely safe, if, of course, you choose the right specialist. Every person needs to improve and monitor their appearance, and hardware cosmetology seeks to help them in this!