All the most popular and effective treatments for facial rejuvenation

Every woman understands that her youth is not eternal. To keep your skin in good condition, you need to visit a beautician regularly. Only professional facial care will help to minimize the negative impact of an unhealthy lifestyle, environment, stress, lack of sleep on the condition of the skin. Only thanks to cosmetic procedures for rejuvenation will it be possible to effectively stop the aging process and fading of the skin.

Modern cosmetologists offer women a huge selection of various rejuvenation procedures. Only a qualified technician will determine what is best for you. To do this, he will assess the age, skin type and condition of the skin. The right care will help you avoid meeting the plastic surgeon's scalpel. Choose only proven salons, so you will be able to avoid any negative consequences.


injection facial skin rejuvenation

Mesotherapy is a procedure in which a specialist injects injections or vitamin complexes under the skin using a small needle. Such medicines are selected individually for each patient. The beautician will easily determine what problem you have, and then choose one or another drug. Mesotherapy will help to effectively rejuvenate the skin, get rid of inflammation and acne.

Among the indications for this procedure are:

  • The appearance of wrinkles;
  • Fading and loose skin;
  • Porous, dry, or oily skin;
  • Scars, age spots, acne;
  • Spider veins, rosacea, double chin;
  • Change in complexion due to smoking;
  • Bags and circles under the eyes.

Before carrying out mesotherapy, you will have to visit a consultation with a beautician. On it, the specialist will determine the existing problems, the degree of damage, and also choose the most optimal way to solve them. He also needs to understand exactly that you have no contraindications for carrying out such manipulations. You will have to tell your doctor about all your chronic diseases, medications, allergic reactions.

Mesotherapy itself takes a long time. After the anesthetic cream takes effect, an antiseptic treatment of the skin is performed. After that, the specialist injects a small amount of the drug under the skin with fine needles. Keep in mind that the process itself is quite painful, if you have a low pain threshold, it is better to refuse such a procedure. On average, the injection takes 1-1. 5 hours.


photorejuvenation of facial skin

Photorejuvenation is an innovative procedure for rejuvenating the skin of the face. The essence of this effect is the effect of infrared radiation on the skin. Due to the warming up of all layers of the dermis, blood circulation increases significantly, the production of collagen and elastin increases. Also, with the help of photorejuvenation, you can get rid of age spots and spider veins.

After the first application, you will notice how your complexion has evened out, skin elasticity has increased, and dryness has decreased.

Typically, this procedure is carried out when:

  • The appearance of the first age-related changes;
  • Unhealthy complexion;
  • Freckles or age spots;
  • Problem skin;
  • Acne;
  • Spider veins;
  • Enlarged pores;
  • Expression wrinkles.

It will be possible to get the maximum effect from the facial photorejuvenation procedure only if you follow all the doctor's recommendations.

After such an impact, there is no recovery period, however, you will be able to evaluate the results only after a few weeks. Among the contraindications to such a procedure are pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as the presence of malignant tumors.


Botox is a drug based on inactivated botulinum toxin. It is injected into various muscle groups, after which they relax and cannot strain. Thanks to this, it is possible to get rid of or reduce expression wrinkles. This procedure is suitable for absolutely all women, it is completely safe and has no contraindications. The effect of the introduction of Botox lasts for 3-6 months, but with prolonged administration it lasts even longer.

Typically, such procedures are shown in the following cases:

  • With pronounced wrinkles between the eyebrows and on the forehead;
  • When crow's feet appear;
  • With the formation of nasolabial folds.
photos of women before and after facial skin rejuvenation

The procedure takes only 10-15 minutes, after which the person returns to their usual way of life. Immediately after the introduction, you will not see any result - the effect can be assessed only after 10-14 weeks. After several months, when the muscles begin to contract, the administration of Botox must be repeated. Cosmetologists call this procedure the most effective for getting rid of wrinkles.

Botox will not completely smooth out deep expression lines, but it can easily reduce them.

To heal the skin, the administration of Botox is usually supplemented with therapy with any vitamin complexes or injections based on hyaluronic acid. It retains moisture in the skin, making wrinkles even out and less visible.

Chemical peeling

chemical peeling for skin rejuvenation

Chemical peels are the most common non-surgical facial rejuvenation method. Its essence lies in the dissolution of the keratinized layers of the skin, which interfere with the normal metabolism. Also, such a procedure activates the work of the deep layers of the dermis, accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, so that the skin becomes more elastic and elastic.

With the help of chemical peels, you will be able to improve your complexion, get rid of expression lines and tighten pores.

To achieve the effect of chemical peeling, it is necessary to undergo a whole range of procedures, consisting of 5-9 sessions. Experts assure that such an effect on the skin is completely safe, the very next day you will return to your usual way of life. Note that such a procedure is suitable for rejuvenation only when primary signs of aging appear.

Usually, chemical peels are prescribed in the following cases:

  • With fine and mimic wrinkles;
  • With age spots and enlarged pores;
  • With crow's feet and nasolabial fold.

The procedure itself takes about 1 hour.

During the session, you will feel unpleasant sensations that indicate the active work of substances.

At the end of the procedure, a small amount of moisturizing and soothing preparations is applied to the skin. You need to take about 1-2 weeks for the recovery period: at this time it is important to wear sunglasses, apply anti-inflammatory drugs to the skin, and stop using cosmetics.

You will be able to evaluate the results of chemical peeling only after 2-3 weeks. This procedure has an indirect effect - it only helps to activate the processes of skin renewal. With the help of such cleansing, the face becomes more attractive, soft and smooth. To achieve the best effect, such procedures should be repeated at least 2 times a year. There are a huge number of types of chemical peels; a cosmetologist will help you choose the best option.